At Allegiance, we believe that people are our greatest asset. We have a dedicated human resources team that helps our clients to attain their goals. Our dedicated team of Recruiters works tirelessly to identify and recruit the best talent the IT talent. Our consultants specialize in many leading technologies, and their experience spans a number of industry verticals including but not limited to Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, etc.

Key Differentiators

  • Global Resources and Reach: Professional and technical staffing resources who have the industry experience and technical knowledge that let them contribute to a project from Day One.
  • Flexibility and scalability of services: Flexible staffing to match the fluctuations in your personal requirements.
  • Superior screening and assessment: Quality assessment, testing, and training for virtually any kind of job.
  • Training and Education: Allegiance Technologies LLC provides the resources and funds for continuing education and re-engineering employee skill sets to match the needs of a changing workplace.